Striving to Grow

As an artist I feel that I'm always striving to grow.  I've always considered myself a landscape photographer.  As some of you know, I love searching for hidden forests and foggy goodness.  For some reason I can capture these scenes with ease. It's almost like I can visualize the shots before I even make them. I can tell what will transfer into a beautiful image and how it'll look when edited.  Lately I've had this urge to stray from this comfort and try something new.  I decided it was time to give portrait photography a try. I figured it couldn't be that difficult. Boy was I wrong!  The first few portrait shoots did not turn out how I thought they would.  I found it difficult to photograph in natural light. It wasn't like taking a picture of a bridge, or a beautiful waterfall.  I would need to pay particular attention to my source of light and shadows.  Trust me, shadows can make a huge difference between a model looking stunning or scary.  With more practice though, I have grown to enjoy portrait photography.  The challenges that are now present have made me become much more creative.  Plus it's fun to scout out locations that are different from landscapes.  I now love to shoot indoors.  I love searching for pockets of natural light coming through windows or open doors.  So here is to a new me, a more creative me!